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Advantages of cookies

We use cookies on this website. Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. It is simply a text file that some servers ask your browser to write to your hard drive, with information about what you have been visiting on those sites. They have an expiry date, which can range from the duration of the session to a specified future date, after which they are no longer operational. uses cookies to facilitate browsing of the Portal and to obtain greater efficiency and personalisation of the services offered to Users. The cookies used on are only associated with an anonymous User and their computer, do not provide references that allow the name and surname of the User to be deduced and cannot read data from their hard disk or include viruses in their equipment. Furthermore, cannot read the cookies installed on the User's hard disk from other servers.

Cookies help us:

    • to ensure that the website performs as expected
    • to skip the login each time you visit the site
    • to save the login and search settings for the website
    • to improve the speed and security of the website
    • with the connection to other social networks such as Facebook
    • with the personalisation of the website (so you can find what you want quickly)
    • with the continuous improvement of the website
    • with the optimisation of marketing content (so we can offer you what you want)

We do not use cookies for:

    • Saving personal data (without your permission)
    • Saving sensitive data (without your permission)
    • Disclosing personal information to others

You can find out more about the cookies we use below.

Permission to use cookies

If your browser settings allow the use of cookies, this means that you agree to their use. If you do not want to use cookies on this website or if you want to disable them, you can follow the disabling procedure below. However, disabling or blocking cookies may result in the poor performance of this website.

More about cookies

Session cookies

First-party cookies

We use cookies for the optimal performance of the website, including:

    • How the website works
    • To recognise whether you are registered or not
    • To save your browsing history
    • To save the details of the agreement with our Terms and Conditions of Sale
    • The presentation of the content you have seen
    • To adapt the website service to your needs

These cookies cannot be deleted in any other way except by not visiting this website.

Other Cookies

Other cookies come from other websites. Other cookies could be embedded in a YouTube video on our website. Our website includes the following websites where other cookies come from:

Blocking or removing these cookies can very likely lead to blocking or non-viewing the content of this site.

Submitted by Name Restriction Description popup_displayed Sessions Means that the display opens frontend Sessions Session ID cookieOK 1 year Means that the user on a site agrees with the use of cookies popups 1 year external_no_cache Sessions System cookies to optimize servers cookieOK 1 year user_allowed_save_cookie 1 year Means that users agree to the transfer of cookies to the site zte2095 Sessions Cookie allows chat __zlcmid 1 year Cookie allows chat
CloudFlare __cfduid 1 year For a faster location and transfer of image material on the page. After CloudFlare disable the operation cookies block access via IP. Does not use / has no personal data of the user.
New Relic Sessions New Relic provides a platform to control the operation of the website on mobile applications.
PayPal [various] Sessions This cookie allows a unique ID between payment with PayPal and our shopping cart.

Social networks cookies

Their purpose is to simplify the sharing or liking of our content through integrated social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Cookies are set up:

The privacy policy varies for each social network and works on the basis of the settings of your own social network account.

Submitted Name Restriction
Addthis uvc Sessions
Addthis page_services Permanent
Addthis vc 2 years

Cookies for site improvement

On this website we regularly experiment with new creatives in order to present different creatives to different user groups. In this way we observe the reaction of users to different contents and creatives. This is the only way we can ultimately offer you what is best.

We use:

Submitted Name Restrictions
Optimizely optimizelyPendingLogEvents Sessions
Optimizely optimizelyBuckets Permanent
Optimizely optimizelyEndUserId Permanent
Optimizely optimizelySegments Permanent
Optimizely bucket_map Permanent
Optimizely end_user_id Permanent

Analytical cookies

We use cookies to keep statistics on this website, such as how many users visited this website, via what device (Mac, Windows), and which pages they viewed. With the help of these programmes we can improve the user experience. This analysis also makes it possible to see how users reach our website and whether they have visited it again. Based on this we can invest in the improvement and development of the user experience.

We use:

Submitted Name Restriction
Google _gat Sessions
Google _ga 2 years
Google __utma 2 years
Google __utmb Sessions
Google __utmz 6 Months
Google __utmv 2 years
Google __utmc Sessions

We also use technology that makes it possible to track the footprint of users who have called us by telephone (e.g. via browser or advertisement). This makes it possible to obtain information on how users come into contact with us. Please be aware that if you call us on the phone we can only find out to a limited extent how you heard about us. All this makes it possible for us to reduce your costs.

Cookies for marketing activities. Cookies are frequently used in digital marketing. Personal data cannot be collected through these cookies. 

Although you can block nearly all cookies, we do not recommend that you do so, because advertisements offer free use of most websites. Disabling cookies does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements, it means that they will not be tailored to your wishes and interests.

You may have already noticed quite a few advertisements on websites. These advertisements are paid for by traders like ourselves. Cookies are the technology that enables us to do this and with their help we can set a so-called ''remarketing cookie'' during your visit to the website. These advertisements are intended for you and it is often possible, through them, to buy the featured product for a significantly reduced price. Don't worry, the process is completely anonymous. You can disable cookies whenever you want, as explained below.

We use:

List of promotional cookies set on our pages:

Submitted Name Restriction Description
Adform C 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Adform cid 2 Months Targeting/Advertising
Adform uid 2 Months Targeting/Advertising
AppNexus Inc sess Sessions Targeting/Advertising
AppNexus Inc anj 3 Months Targeting/Advertising
AppNexus Inc uuid2 3 Months Targeting/Advertising
Bing ANONCHK Sessions Targeting/Advertising
Bing MR 6 Months Targeting/Advertising
Bing MUID 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Google test_cookie Sessions Targeting/Advertising
Google id 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Gravity gr_reco 1 year Targeting/Advertising
Improve Digital tuuid 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Improve Digital um 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Improve Digital umeh 2 years Targeting/Advertising
IPONWEB c 2 years Targeting/Advertising
IPONWEB tuuid 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Media Innovation Group id 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Media Innovation Group mdata 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Media Innovation Group syncdata_AN 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Mojn idt Permanent Targeting/Advertising
Mojn tmpagid Permanent Targeting/Advertising
Mojn ls Permanent Targeting/Advertising
Mojn rtt Permanent Targeting/Advertising
Mojn _mojn Permanent Targeting/Advertising
OpenX i 1 year Targeting/Advertising
Pubmatic KRTBCOOKIE_466 3 Months Targeting/Advertising
Pubmatic PUBMDCID 3 Months Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne RA1balancer Permanent Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1097308745 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1118270538 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1426802167 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1702745841 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1795933472 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_1973119023 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_2107935356 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_328720634 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_631030195 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sgm_799597431 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_sid 1 year Targeting/Advertising
RadiumOne ra1_uid 1 year Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project c Sessions Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project put_1986 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project put_2760 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project rpb 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project khaos 6 Months Targeting/Advertising
Rubicon Project rpx 1 Month Targeting/Advertising
Yahoo B 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Facebook datr 2 years Targeting/Advertising
Facebook x-src Sessions Targeting/Advertising
Facebook reg_fb_ref Sessions Targeting/Advertising
Facebook reg_fb_gate Sessions Targeting/Advertising

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies manually (you can read how here). This may limit the working of our website and most other websites as well, as the use of cookies is common for most modern websites.

If you do not wish to accept any of the cookies on this site, click here

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