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Being natural is not just a quality of our products. It is an attitude and a way of approaching life. We try to help people achieve results with honesty, not only with natural ingredients, but also by being responsible in our formulations.
 Our goal is to offer the best possible products by using high percentages of active ingredients in each supplement, and formulating each product with real natural ingredients and optimal composition.

We believe that it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle - no matter what your age or goal - and that everybody can improve its well-being and quality of life. 
We want to guide our consumers on their way to a healthy lifestyle with the most natural and holistic solutions, in order to make them feel cared for in the best possible way. 
We are curious, eager to learn and experiment, and we sincerely believe that nature has a lot to teach us.

Our values


Natural and vegan


Natural supplements free from GMOs, artificial colours and preservatives.


We care for

the planet

We produce sustainable and recyclable products and use bio-compostable containers.


We take care

of you

Your health is important to us, we want to help you take care of your wellbeing in a natural way.




None of our products have been tested on animals.




Our nutritionists will be happy to answer your questions.


More than natural supplements

We offer exclusively 100% natural and vegan supplements certified by the UK Vegan Society. Our formulas stand out for containing the highest concentration of active ingredients, as well as being free from GMOs, toxic substances, artificial colours, artificial preservatives, gluten, dairy and sugar.

We also pay great attention to finding the best combinations of ingredients to offer you the maximum benefits.

Every natural ingredient requires a little processing before it can be consumed in supplement form, and in that process they differ from one another. At N2, we limit the use of binders. Instead, we use vegetable capsules.

Offering you the highest quality is our priority

At N2 Natural Nutrition, our primary objective has always been to ensure that our customers receive natural supplements of the highest quality and efficiency. For this reason, we pay special attention to the selection and approval of raw material suppliers, as well as exhaustive care in the manufacturing process of each product. For example, we ensure that they do not come from genetically modified plants.

In addition, in the Quality Control department of the laboratory located in the European Community, microbiological and physical-chemical controls are carried out, corroborated with quality controls by external laboratories. The quality of each of our production batches is analysed.

We trace all our products both forward, backward and during the manufacturing process (HACCP).
In addition, our laboratories are ISO 9001, FDA and GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certified.

If you still have any questions, our nutritionists and technicians are always ready to help you. 


Made in Europe


GMP Certification


FDA approved


ISO 9001 Certification


We care about the planet

We elaborate sustainable and recyclable products and use biocompostable cans obtained from the fermentation of starch and sugar cane. High temperatures, humidity and the presence of microorganisms are required for biological decomposition. After this process, our jars become organic fertiliser for the soil. Additionally, none of our products have been tested on animals.

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